A bit on edge

Well its been awhile since i wrote in. Lots of things have happened. I have finally been able to settle my visa application part 2. Now is back to waiting for part 3 which i presume is the interview.

I have been doing well with my blood pressure but i think the pills are making me cough like a dog almost every night. And also my back ache so badly last night. Couldn’t sleep till late.

I also have decided to cook more Mediterranean style dishes for healthier eating. Today i cook Grilled Chicken with dill yoghurt sauce. And to go with a Fattoush salad. Yummy. A few days ago i tried a Hawaiian dish called Beef Loco moco. It is minced beef patties with a wonderful sauce over rice. And a fried egg added to it.


High with everything

Very very stressful and busy. With my visa application on my plate it was stressful. To the point that my blood pressure shot up so high. In the end went to doctor and start meds. Hated for that to happen.

Anyway i decided to eat healthy so i can lose weight and drop my pressure. Yesterday I had an egg foccacia with plenty of salad. Dinner was just fish and salad with dressing of lemon, extra virgin olive oil and garlic. Yummy. Today we had a friend over for dinner. So thin lean steak with lots of vegetables and salad. My lunch was rye bread with poach egg and lots of salad. My weight did drop a bit so did my pressure. Feel happy and hopeful.

I also went to learn how to make mirror glaze cake and rose making using royal icing. A friend was kind to show me.

Stress fever

Just when i thought i can have a beautiful Christmas suddenly alot of things came on my plate. I am currently applying for visa to stay in Australia with my husband. And so i am still on a bridging visa. And a few days ago we receive an email to say they want more information about me. Omg! They were sure not asking much ….not. More money and lots of documentation. Not only that …. I am given 28 days to do it. All the mounted stress before a great holiday.

Been having nightmares due to my stress. It was scary too. I don’t deal well under stress. I think it is really human nature to feel fear whenever you hear policeman, police station or any thing to do with that even though i know i done nothing that is a crime. I really hope to get over this hurdle quick.

Icely hot…

Hmmm i was thinking of ice cream for awhile. I think because in Australia now is summer. Hot hot hot… i decided to make ice cream as we buy them but it went too fast. So best way us make it. Only 2 ingredients for the base. 2 cups of cream and half tin condensed milk. Been thinking what interesting flavours to make. And i had bought a box of wafer cones. Did think of coating my cones with chocolate and sprinkles for kiddies.

So what flavours did i whip up. Cherry jam with chocolate, banana with maple syrup, nutella with peanut butter and chocolate cookies flavour. I manage to coat my cones.

Turn out creamy and yummy.

Another day another thought

So it is the coming Christmas celebrations once again. Every thing else is all coming together too. Many gatherings and events that clutters all in the same month as the festive holidays. So what do we think of during this period. Mostly is what have I achieve the whole year 2017. I think I had more achievements in 2016. It was the year I got married and got family and friends visiting me in South Australia.

I guess this year is more of resting and deciding what should I do or take on. Well I guess I have taken on a few errands or job as a volunteer. And sealing my role as a wife. I have made many new recipes come to life but it doesn’t always look perfect but the taste is always amazing.

Always wanted to try making Swiss roll and I finally did it. Thanks to the easy recipe by Gemma Stafford. And I finally bought my Kenwood to make my baking easy too. Life have been good and I want to thank God for everything that have happened in my life. He makes it all bearable and good. God is great.

And also taking on my new role as a grandma. I have 2 beautiful grandsons. They are a joy that was there waiting for me. So I love baking all kinds of fancy stuff so that I can impress them. Sometimes it does and oh well sometimes it doesn’t.

What’s the time?

Just trying to set up this page while about to go to bed. Been unsuccessful with my blogs maybe i am just not fully understanding the way to set up.

It’s Monday night and next few days are gonna be crazy. Wednesday i have a Christmas lunch event with a club that i do some volunteer works. I have offered to be the MC (master of ceremony) for the day. Well i felt confident i can do it now i am wondering if i am up to it. Haha plus I am suppose to bring a cake as well. I am planning to bake a cake. Well lets see how it goes eh!

Due to the Christmas season coming there are lots of invites too.

Bride be ready

Well it is already the 14th November 2016.  Means I have had my bridal shower. It was an amazing day.  It started at 3pm so I was busy with morning errands.  We finally decided to justify finish paying off the wedding ring. So when 2.30pm finally came I was excited.  John had his brother Willy here helping to fix the ceiling lights in all the rooms.  So I got changed to my blue skirt and black chinese top. We had to pick Chloe, Mary Anesbury and Catherina. 

We finally got there and they place a band around me that says Bride to be” and a veil like hairband. The food that friends brought was fantastic.  We had all kinds. I baked some banana cake.  We had funny games.  It was a beautiful party and plenty of laughs.  Manage to collect close to $400 in gifts.  

I am really so blessed and feel so loved. The day ended well with Willy staying over. Sunday we went for drives around.  We ended up having lunch at Talunga winery. It was nice.  

Learnt a new recipe of dough.  Only 2 ingredients.  So simple yet delicious.  I made some scrolls using yesterday left over beef and pumpkin curry mix.  And excess dough I made pizza with cheese and tomatoe sauce. Also baked chocolate olive oil cake with Yoghurt.  Nice and fluffy.  

Tomorrow god will take care for me when it comes.  Good night all. Sleep tight and god bless. 

Acid what?

Finally I think it sank in that I have acid reflux problem.  It’s really bad and I hate the feeling.  I am now trying different medicines and ways to ease my condition.  I am now trying to read more about how to combat the problem.  Have been making great salads. Found out that I can’t eat tomatoes, chocolate, mint ,vinegar and anything high in fat. So I will try to do a cook book on my salad and dressing.  Came up a few good ones. Today Waldorf salad was amazing.  Instead of sour cream I use yoghurt. Yesterday I did green goddess dressing with spring onions and Yoghurt.  It’s great.  Eating slowly and smaller meals. I have lost about a kg.  Good start. 

Well it is good to lose weight.  I am going to get married on 26th November 2016.  It has finally arrived. In the midst of preparing for the wedding.  I think my stress level is rising.  Lots to do. Most importantly is meeting with the priest.  Need to confirm the date and time.  

Also having my bridal shower on 5th November 2016.  I can’t wait.  Getting excited.  

Been too long

Today was Jaxon 2nd birthday.  I made him his birthday cake. A piñata cake. It turn out yummy.  The frosting wasn’t too good but taste was better. 

We had fish chowder too. I made from Jamie Oliver 30 minutes meal book. It turn out well received by all. 

My next one is Mary’s birthday which we will celebrate this Wednesday.  So I am planning to do the Pink Black Forest cake. 

1 day to many


New toy. Honey bought for me to blend my drinks. Love it. I made coconut blueberries.  Tomorrow I will blend banana with orange.  I have perfected my fried garlic potatoes and I will cook it often. I also started going to the gym.  I wanted to be healthier. 


And I cook some amazing foods too. Went to the fish market.  I bought a lot of fish. Like Salmon,  Cod and small whiting fish. We spent only $50. We went out to dinner on Friday and a movie.  Fantastic 4 is not bad.